Note: These were some of the issues I faced after installing Ubuntu and I have mentioned the possible solutions in case you face similar difficulties.

1. Incorrect Boot Order

I have Ubuntu as my only OS, yet after completing my installation and on restarting my system, it would not boot into Ubuntu. I later realized this was because my “LAN wire” was plugged in and the BIOS was trying to boot through network. Only after I unplugged the “LAN wire” would it boot into Ubuntu. So, to overcome this issue, I had to change the boot order so that the first preference is booting from hard disk followed by either USB, Network or others.

Changing boot order will also be required in case you have multiple OS and you wish to have your own priority for different OS on your system. On how to change boot order you can refer to the solutions mentioned here and here.

2. Wifi not working

While installing Linux, I had to use a LAN cable as the Wifi was not working. Even after the installation was complete, the Wifi was still not working. The reason behind this was the driver was not automatically installed on my system, due to some issues with the hardware manufacturer (it not being open source), and thus in such case we need to explicitly go to “Additional Drivers” and install the appropriate driver. I was lucky that driver was recognized and I could proceed without any issues. For those whose system cannot detect the driver it gets more complicated as then you need to find the appropriate driver and install it.

3. Network issues

For some reasons network manager in Ubuntu is not as great as I would have liked it to be. I wrote an answer on askUbuntu, where I have mentioned solutions that have helped me solve network issues over the course of using Ubuntu.

By the way, askUbuntu is a great place to find solutions to most of your queries regarding Ubuntu. If I remember any other thing that had caused issues after installation, I will update this post!